Design and Supply

of Motorcycle EMS System

We are the only local motorcycle EMS supplier in Iran. What distinguishes us from any other competitors is that we are in close cooperation with two knowledge base companies in engine control and electronic field. We already made long term exclusive investment contracts with them to develop ECU for GENCO and keep it update in-line with new regulations.

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ECU for one cylinder engine

OBD system

Engine capacity from 50 to 250 cc

Euro V emission level


engineering services

in electric powertrain

We offer following engineering services in electric powertrain field

Concept design, layout design, prototyping and testing

Drivability and performance assessment of your product in Iran environment

Design and development battery packaging and BMS system

EV charger management system development


Consulting Services

to invest in Iran auto market

We provide consulting services for any foreign company who want to do business in Iran in following subjects

Automatic transmission

Electric motorcycle

Electric bus

Electric car

Electric/electronic auto parts

Autonomous driving and connectivity

Electric powertrain safety regulations

Iran auto industry technology road map